July 2006 Articles

Talking Tester; Local man invents device for electrical outlets

Invented by: Brian D.

Brian D. never thought of himself as an inventor, but one day he had an idea and decided to do something about it. Now, the Stamford resident has a patent pending for a product he hopes to bring to market. Brian, an electrical foreman, created a talking electrical-outlet tester that he calls “The Intell- A- Tester.” Having encountered problems with other such devices over the years, Brian thought a talking tester would help alleviate those problems.


Local resident creates new design in cutting boards

Invented by: Christopher R.

Chris R. believes he has designed a better cutting board and hopes to have it on sale in area stores soon.
Chris’s new cutting board will not decay, splinter, or harbor harmful toxins like the wooden cutting boards on the market today.


Local man invents device

Invented by: Rick R.

Three Way Grounded Photo Control, invented by Rick R., offers consumers unprecedented control over their outdoor lighting. This product eliminates the hassle of physically turning lights on or off at the switch or plug, and having to go outdoors in rain or darkness to do so.


Inventor introduces new product

Invented by: William O.

William O. has introduced a new product called the “Universal Hang Up,” which provides a convenient way to hang clothing and other items on a door. The product is designed to hang coats, clothing, hats, towels, belts, purses, umbrellas, and virtually any article that can be hung. His invention does the job without putting holes in the wall, interfering with door operation or taking up precious floor space, and comes in a variety of colors and designs.


Amateur inventor does take on mirror

Invented by: Kevin D.

Like the stepmother’s bitingly honest mirror in the fairy tale of Snow White, Kevin D.’s imaginary mirror promises to offer its users a little more than just a regular reflection.
And although the mirror the amateur inventor is hoping to build is not quite as upfront as Snow White’s stepmother’s—it won’t be able to talk, for instance—Kevin said he’s dreaming that his mirror will show the truth better than the average looking glass.


Man Invents Unique Tackle Box

Invented by: Steven B.

Steven B. has invented a new tackle box that offers automatic features employed for easier access called the Tackle Barrel. The new invention comes in a variety of sizes and designs from which to choose. Lightweight, compact and affordably priced, it will surely be well-received.
The original idea is now available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the fishing products industry.


Man offers better night’s sleep

Invented by: Harold B.

A local man is inventing a way for people to sleep more comfortably at night.
Harold B. is the inventor of Sleep with Comfortable Feet, a product designed to keep the wearer’s feet warm while sleeping, especially if the wearer doe not like wearing socks at night.
“You’re pulling those cover tight,” he said, adding that action can hurt a person’s feet and apply pressure to their toes.