Retired Teacher Designs Math Program

Jaime C., a retired special education and elementary school teacher, who worked with “at-risk” children who had difficulty learning to multiply, has developed an educational product called Angel Hands.
“There is a great void of math manipulatives to help students with memorization problems,” said Jaime. “I worked with a child in seventh grade who could not remember the six to nine times tables. Four minutes later he knew them and his self-esteem soared.”
Angel Hands is a math-learning tool that helps students with learning disabilities. It is faster, better and more efficient than other methods or techniques on the market today. It is designed to teach children to learn the six to 10 times tables, so they will progress in multiplication.
Angel Hands is affordable, effective and appealing to a wide range of parents, students and educators. This product is now being made available for licensing and Chapa hopes to have the product in full production and available in the near future.
Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Publicity/Press Department of Invent-Tech at (800) 940-9020, extension 2285 or at Invent-Tech is a Coral Gables, Florida based company that is handling the public relations for Angel Hands.