Not just spinning their wheels
Couple want device to go global

As an inventor, Lou C. tires easily.
She’s hoping the rest of us will, too.
Lou has invented a hassle-free way to access the spare tire after a dreaded flat.
She plans to see her new invention, the Automatic Spare Tire Retriever, on every vehicle in the country.
Throughout the world, in fact.
Lou and her husband, Warren, have a patent pending for a little idea that could make life a lot easier when you have a flat tire on the shoulder of Interstate 10. “Or the 91 or the 215,” she said, smiling. In what the couple call a “breakthrough in the automotive industry,” the device will eliminate unloading the contents of your trunk or rear space and piling it on the side of the road.
And then repiling it.
Lou says her 5-year-old daughter’s pink Barbie car was her inspiration.
“I looked at the car and saw my idea would be possible. It was a simple system,” she says.
The original idea is now ready for licensing to manufacturers interested in new-product development—most likely in the automotive-accessories industry.
Next step is finding a manufacturer to get the invention in full production.
With her husband and other family members, Lou has put her concept on paper.
“In 2004, Lou started talking to me about her idea, so we went to the drawing board. I thought it was the most outstanding idea I’d ever heard of,” Warren says.
Then the family had to get involved—Dad and an artist nephew.
“We saw a commercial for marketing inventions on TV,” Lou says, “but first we did our homework. We called the U.S. Patent Office and they told us the questions to ask and said ‘beware.’ After about three months of research, we decided to go with Invent-Tech.”
In the meantime, the couple applied for their patent. “You have to be so discreet about the information you give about your idea,” Lou says. “It’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme. Marketing is expensive but so worth it. We’ve given up so much to pursue what we believe in.”
Description of the invention is being kept under wraps, of course. Details will not be available until the product is ready for the public.
Headquartered in Coral Gables, Fla., Invent-Tech’s slogan is “The launchpad for new ideas.” They created a marketing video to take to trade shows, and so far, the Automatic Spare Tire Retriever has been to shows in Orlando and Las Vegas, Warren said.
“We are seeking a manufacturer to license the idea,” he says. “Everything is in place for this idea. It took this long and us coming together to make it happen.”
Lou says that people should just “go for it” if they have an idea. “The programs from inventors are for ordinary people like you and me. Once we find a manufacturer and sign an exclusive manufacturing agreement, we can consider ourselves successful inventors.”
The product will be easily affordable.
“In the future, I cannot see a vehicle without it—worldwide. The Spare Tire Retriever will be on all new cars in the future but also will be available as an aftermarket,” Lou says.
“It’s just taken a little blood here, a little sweat there and all the tears we could muster,” says Warren, laughing.