Man gets new idea from old cap

Although it was nearly destroyed by a trip through the dryer, Eric E. was able to use his creativity to revive his favorite baseball cap.
A fan of football great Barry Sanders, Eric had worn that Detroit Lions ball cap for five years before it was torn apart by his dryer.
“It was the perfect fit and everything so I was heartbroken when I lost it in the dryer,” Eric said. “But, I still put it on my head as it was. The brim fell off . . . I looked at it, thought about it a bit, and a few days later, that’s when I came up with the idea.”
Eric said he put the beat-up hat on, made some adjustments and came up with a stylish new hat that offers the fit of a baseball cap but the warmth of a winter hat.
The hat, Eric said, can come in any color and sport numerous logos. It is meant for people of any age and is a cold-weather article of clothing.
Originally called the “flap cap,” Eric recently changed the product’s name to “capogo.”
“The name just came to me,” Eric said. “I wanted to think of something that involved the word hat or cap and was also catchy.”
Eric took his invention to Invent-Tech to help develop it further and get a patent, Eric said.
“This is my first invention and it all happened by accident,” Eric said. “Invent-Tech has been very supportive and walked me through everything. I’ve been working with them since September and we are now working on getting the patent.”
Based out of Coral Gables, Florida, Invent-Tech helps inventors nationwide find manufacturers for their products and then helps them get on the market, said Jorge Puertas, spokesperson for Invent-Tech.
The process to get a patent may take a few years and Eric said the most difficult part is just the waiting.
“The anticipation has been the hardest part,” Eric said. “You have to wait for someone to pick up your idea.”
Although this is his first invention, Eric said he hopes it will be widely accepted and that he will be able to come up with other inventions in the future.
“I hope to see it in stores one day,” Eric said. “If this really catches on, I might be approached to come up with something new. But, before I get into any other project, I want to have this one be successful.”