December 2005 Articles

Local Peddle Low-Smoke Gas Grill

Invented by: Salvador & Elia P.

Two local residents hope their new invention can take some of the mess and stress out of grilling outdoors.

Salvador and Elia P. have secured a patent for the Oven Gas Grill, designed to reduce the smoke normally emitted from conventional grills.

‘61 EHS Grad Invents cards for visually impaired

Invented by: Lyndon W.

For individuals who are visually impaired, taking part in even the simplest tasks can be difficult. It is for this reason that Lyndon W. has developed Weeb’s Big Face Playing Cards.

Hudson Valley Blizzard Invented By Local Man

Invented by: Robert R.

Anyone who lives in snowy regions knows what a hassle shoveling snow is . Without an effective device, it can be that much more difficult and burdensome. Robert was shoveling his driveway one day and concluded that the typical shovel is not wide enough. That was when he got to worlk on the Hudson Valley Blizzard.

New Device Stores Fishing Equipment

Invented by: Esther G. & Frank L.

For anglers, the ideal fishing accessory will free their hands of any burden and hold their equipment for them. Esther G. and Frank L. invented such a product out of necessity. They called it the Fishing Pole and Bait Holder.

Invention absolutely a lifesaver

Invented by: Donna W.

You’re in a hurry to make an early morning meeting. Your spouse, who normally drops off your three children at the daycare center, had to stay out of town overnight while attending a new product coinvention, and you have to take the kids to the center.

Device created to pick up unwanted debris

Invented by: Sheldon C.

Sheldon C. is the inventor of the Rug & Floor Rake, a device created to pick up unwanted debris, including pet hair, from carpeting and other surfaces that would otherwise get clogged in a vacuum cleaner.

LOCAL INVENTORS hoping to fly high and shine

Invented by: Robert & Pamela G.

Thomas Edison and Wilbur and Orville Wright are not the only Ohio-born inventors in American history.
And sure, we have light bulbs, motion pictures or airplanes - or in-flight lights and movies, for that matter - without the ingenious efforts of those distinguished gentlemen, but some modern-day Ohioans are attempting to follow in those famous Buckeye’s foot steps.

Football coaches, break out your checkbooks: Gray native invents new blocking sled

Invented by: Patrick W.

Patrick W. come on down. You are the next inventor for Invention Technologies, Inc.
Patrick, who works as a truck driver, was on the road one morning last August when he conceived an improvement on a popular piece of football equipment. Flashing back to his old gridiron days, Patrick, a former defensive tackle for his high school, jotted down details for his new multi-dimensionsal blocking sled, later christened “The Total Sled.”

Local man inventing a better tool Seeking company for Razor Glove

Invented by: Emil E.

As a production supervisor, Emil E. has seen a lot of lost-time accidents.
Opening and sorting boxes, a big part of his day, calls for Emil and his associates to use box cutters that often have led to cuts that range from scrapes to serious injury.

Woman Invents Home Seizure Detector

Invented by: Cheryl W.

People who suffer from certain types of seizures need to check their Dilantin blood levels frequently, requiring numerous trips to the physician’s office, according to Cheryl W., inventor of the Dilantin Blood Detector.

Getting belted a good idea

Invented by: Rocco L.

Behold, the Belt Starter. “It just came to me one day when I forgot to buckle up,” said Rocco L., inventor of the handiest product to come out of Lorain since steel ingots. “It’s such simplicity. It wouldn’t even take a bucket of parts to build it.”

Woman shoots for marketing, sales feat

Invented by: Barbara B.

Bobbie B. is cetain that women young and old will be pounding down shoe store doors in search of her new invention.“I’m 100% sure, because I researched it and it doesn’t exist,” said Bobbie, owner of a local cafe. Bobbie, an avid shoe shopper, said women are going to be happy when her invention, Beautiful Feet, is out on the market.

Thinking ‘inside’ the box; invention, business ‘Leap of Faith’ for county woman

Invented by: Sheila B.

Sheila B. proves true the old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Well-known for her culinary creations, the local baker is a potential inventor.
Her idea for a “bakery box’” is being considered by a major manufacturer. The box will keep cakes from slipping and will eliminate smudged designs and borders while keeping icing from melting in hot traveling conditions.

A touch of class to any home office

Invented by: Frank G.

A new invention by Frank G. is about to start development. Frank has created a Free Standing Wall Sconce to save floor space and add a touch of class to any home office.

Woman awaits patent on invention

Invented by: Debrah W.

Debrah W. remembers the day she though of her invention like it was yesterday. “I was at the beach and it was so hot,” Debrah said by phone. “I’ll never forget how hot it was. I was lying on my stomach, and you can’t lay on your stomach but a few minutes without it hurting your back.”

Local inventor develops net to end car quandary

Invented by: Debrah W.

Part-time landscaper and full time father Vicente M., 25, has come up with an idea to help parents as they travel with small children. On his family’s trip back from visiting family in California, Vicente said he tired of turning around in the car to hand his infant a bottle or toy that dropped to the car floor.